Hello Readers!

Welcome to my blog site.

My students are welcome to post comments and suggestions about the OCTC Psychology Facebook page and other websites that are relevant to our classes.  My early goals here include having a place to comment on current events and how they relate to psychology class subjects.

For instance:

1.  In the news this past week:  A terribly tragic story about the death of a toddler due to being left in a locked car.  This happens many times yearly.  The thought of forgetting your child and leaving him/her in your car is hard to think about.  But, memory is very unreliable, even in the best of times.  What does the science of psychology tell us about this?

2.  A video went viral this week that showed a mother being attacked and beaten in front of her toddler while many people stood by and watched.  The only thing members of the crowd did was to videotape the incident.  What has Social Psychology research told us about this kind of incident that we have known for years?

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